Yoga Posture Tips: Pashchima Namaskara, Reverse Prayer Pose

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Yoga Posture Tips: Pashchima Namaskara, Reverse Prayer Pose

Reverse prayer pose, or pashchima namaskarasana, is an intermediate position for the hands. It’s great for anyone who deals with wrist pain, and great for the upper back and chest opening. Plus, sometimes it’s just nice to examine the subtle aspects of your practice to go a little deeper.

How to do it:

1. Start standing or seated, spine long. Inhale. On your exhale, bring your arms behind you, fingers pointing towards the ground, palms lightly together. Inhale and rotate your arms so your fingers point towards you, and then to the sky. Your hands may come apart here , and that’s ok so long as you’re moving in a pain-free range of motion.

2. Exhale and lightly press the little fingers into your back as you press your palms together. Collar bones broad, spine long. Breathe here, relaxing into the pose. Come out gently.

Tip: This might be really intense for someone with tight wrists or a tight chest. If you’re finding this too challenging, just reach your hands back and, instead of creating prayer hands, spread your fingers wide and lay the back of one palm on your back, and press the back of the second palm on top of that hand. Then, in time, work your way to reverse prayer. Always stay within a pain-free range.

Benefits: Strengthens the wrists and forearms. Stretches elbows, shoulders and upper back, and opens the abdomen allowing for deeper breath.


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