What is Sadhana?

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What is Sadhana?

Sadhana – the early morning Kundalini yoga and meditation practice we do at the time when the sun hits the earth at a 60 degree angle. It is a special conversation with yourself, clearing your communication with your subconscious and unconscious mind.
We use the science of Naad Yoga in the chanting of the japji and the Aquarian mantras. The Naad or sound current is the vibration with pervades all life. The scared chants we are gifted with, are not the possession of any religion but a gift for humanity as they are transformational.
As you chant you simultaneously listen and recall in the subconscious what is being said, even if you do not have the translation of the mantras. The effect of this is the subconscious will not release negative or irrelevant thoughts. This listening with our awareness develops the ability to instantly understand anything.
The patterns of the tongue touching the meridian points of our upper palette create a subtle change in our hypothalamus to swing our personality away from fears and complexes towards expansive self-reflection.
Come and experience 2.5 hours that will change the grey matter in your brain to give you greater clarity and transform your day.
12 September 2015 5-7.30am –  FREE


  1. Hi
    Please let me know if this program is still available.

    • Hi Methuna the studio is still going with a full schedule of classes. Please come down and try one!

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