The Om Space Teachers

Serena Burgess

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Serena Burgess is a UK qualified yoga teacher and is registered with Yoga Alliance UK as a senior teacher.  She has been practicing yoga for 17 years and teaching, predominantly Sivinanda style, here in Sri Lanka and in the UK. Serena owns and runs the Om Space Yoga Studio, teaches multiple classes a week, writes a weekly yoga column for the national press, runs a home and is the very hands-on mummy of two!  Needless to say life is full and Serena says it is her yoga practice that keeps her sane and centred.

Come and experience for yourself some of the energy that fuels Serena’s busy life and find a balance in your own lives that will allow a significantly healthier and happier lifestyle.

Fiona Raymond


Yoga has been a central part of Fiona Raymond’s life.  She began learning Hatha yoga at age of 18 but became inspired by Kundalini Yoga and qualified as a teacher in 2003 in Ecuador, South America.  She has been teaching yoga and meditation for 10 years.   She holds IKYTA (International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association) Levels, 1, 2 and 3 qualifications.  She is also on the Academy of Teacher Trainers.  Fiona has taught in Ecuador, UK and Sri Lanka.

Fiona is fascinated in the link between quantum physics and yoga.  In her classes you will get the experience of yoga and a meditative mind whilst intellectually understanding the benefits of practicing this ancient technology.  Great emphasis is placed on learning to be present so we can learn to live in each moment and fulfill our potential. Music and mantra are an essential part of classes allowing people to connect to the rhythm of life. Fiona has a holistic approach to life; she is a healer and Reiki Master and also runs detoxification programs.

Sanjaya Shantha

14724494_1107497942659470_186287326630610581_nSanjaya’s teacher training started in Germany where he was guided by 2 reputed teachers. After his training he continued to live in Germany and teach yoga for 2 more years. He then moved back home to Sri Lanka and worked for Siddhalepa Ayurveda for 12 years where he conducted his classes. He currently has classes at The Om Space and also works for Pulse Beat gym. He has been teaching for 20 years now and his classes are applicble for students of beginner, intermediate and advanced levels as well as athletes. Here is his class schedule.

 Jagath Gunaratne (RYT200)


Jagath became interested in yoga when he was a teenager. As a committed athlete, he explored healing forms of body movement for sports injuries. He was drawn to yoga immediately, but, unfortunately, the opportunities to seriously study and practice yoga were limited then. Keen on pursing his interest, Jagath followed the developments in yoga and finally began an active practice in 2005. After leaving a busy career in Sri Lanka’s business world, he decided to take his passion for yoga to the next level and completed his 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2013. Jagath travelled to the Arhanta Yoga Ashram in Khajuraho, India for this training, and he has been teaching Hatha Yoga ever since. Jagath is registered with Yoga Alliance, USA (RYT 200) and is also a certified Reiki Healer/Master.

Jagath’s ability to empathize with people has lead him to focus his teaching on the healing values of yoga. He encourages his students to use the practice of asana and pranayama not only to relieve stress and develop flexibility but also to cultivate compassion towards themselves.  The learning process therefore encourages self-exploration and self-transformation. There is no “must be” or “should be”: each student embarks on his/her personal journey in order to rediscover and gently enrich the inner harmony and strengths that they already possess. Jagath strongly believes that yoga is about being present to the process of self-growth and not about achieving preconceived goals. The intention of the practice is to remain in your asana comfortably, consciously present to the movement and the stillness within you.

Rene Woo


Rene comes from Malaysia. She stepped on to the yoga mat for the first time in 2004, whilst working in London, and has since experienced remarkable transformation in her life – It not only toned her body but provided her with the inner peace necessary to deal with the doubts in life.
What she loves about yoga is that it is a never ending practice where every practitioner has their own path and goals without the need to compete with one another. Through practising challenging postures she was humbled and constantly reminded to keep a beginner’s mind on and off the mat. Yoga has also taught her to cherish every moment and see the beauty in every situation.
In 2014, 2 years after returning to Asia, to mark a decade of practice, Rene decided to deepen her yoga study by undertaking a teacher training programme with Lance Schuler in Shanghai. Under Lance’s guidance, Rene reaffirmed her belief to stay true to herself and her practice by building a solid foundation with proper alignment.
Rene focuses on using alignment-oriented principles to help students exploring basic poses more deeply, and safely. You will learn the finer details of alignment as she shares her knowledge in class, ultimately bringing you an experience that bridges the body-mind complex and plants the seed of conscious living in you. Encouraging beginners is important to Rene, and she enjoys helping them to build a strong foundation on which to develop their practice.

Hope Lofgren-Schmidt


Hope is a 200 RYT from the USA who trained in the yoga capital of the world, Rishikesh, India. Holding a BA in Dance Performance and Choreography, she is a passionate mover inspired by the art of physicality. Hope is an avid world traveler who has rooted herself in Asia for the past few years exploring, connecting, and finding love for the self and this expansive universe. Believing that healing the body is instrumental in healing the mind, Vinyasa will be a powerful flow of dynamic Asana practice designed to strengthen and lengthen, release tension, balance energy, and bring awareness and breath to the body. Hope encourages her students to honor their bodies, and to awaken each morning to Rise and Om.

Tara Germani


Tara is a 500 RYT yoga teacher who has a deep curiosity about our human capacity and creative potential. Her main focus is understanding and captivating the essence of the teachings as simply as possible – where we encounter both the ease and challenges of the practice and begin to fully experience the flow of Vinyasa.

What to expect in a class – Group classes are 60 – 75 mins where we begin with pranayama and in seated meditation to establish our breath awareness, which quietly evolves into a moving meditation as I begin to introduce music. From here we flow into a warm up of various namaskars to increase awareness and heat in the body and establish the basics for the class.  For the main body component of the session I will guide us to flow through a series of asanas/postures opening up and exploring the different energy points (chakras): forward bends, back bends, twists, side opening and inversions. The general tendency is to flow through the postures for 3 – 5 breaths, which makes the sequence somewhat like a structured yet dynamic dance. It becomes a really intuitive practice once you start to experience yourself moving from your breath.