Children’s Yoga

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Children’s Yoga

We are all born with a light inside our hearts but most of us are either never aware that we have it or lose sight of this light as the years go by. If we are lucky, someone comes into our lives to remind us that the light is there. it is the Light of Love, the Light of Peace, the Light of Joy, the Light of Purity. Children have this light in abundance but are not necessarily aware that it is present. Teaching them yoga from a young age brings the light to their attention and hopefully this knowledge will stay with them into adulthood. With yoga, we can guide future generations to live with this light burning bright in their hearts.


There is no doubt that children do benefit from yoga and that each child will experience it in individual and multiple ways.

Yoga can help children find their sense of self and a sense of place in the world, by connecting them back to their bodies with physical practices and breath work, and by plugging them in to their minds through breathing, concentration and meditation exercises.

Yoga can be taught in a way that help instil in the child many positive values including love, trust, harmony, peace and joy. These words can can be introduced into their practice by opening up discussions about what the children think these ideas mean, how these ideas look and what colour they are. They can then be explored further with asana work, for example they can visualise the word love during back bending postures which allow the heart to open. Or thinking about trust and making a “Family Tree”. These ideas can also be be used in their meditations and concentration exercises, such as making a bowl with their hands and breathing in love, exhaling it into the bowl and then letting it free to nourish the world. We can also explore ideas and concepts that they may not have looked at before such as appreciation, connectedness and inner self-love.

Children can be helped to organise their minds using specific practices, such as eye exercises and cross body postures, which stimulate both the left and right sides of the brain.

The physical practice of yoga, allows children to strengthen and stretch their bodies giving them greater body awareness, helping them to connect with their own bodies and also connect and identify their bodies within the space around them.


We often underestimate the stress that everyday life puts on a child and using Yoga in a holistic manner is a great way for them to address these feelings, first in recognising them and then in learning ways to cope with them. We can give children skills to ground them through breathing and through  relaxation and Yoga offers a safe nurturing environment in which they can release tension and stress.


As a teacher in this field, I would say get started as early as possible and allow your child to begin there  journey in yoga,  teaching them to see the world they inhabit with fresh eyes everyday.

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