Back to Basics Workshop II, Sat Juy 19th

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Back to Basics Workshop II, Sat Juy 19th

Building on the successful Back to Basics workshop held last December, thisĀ  two-and-a-half-hour session is ideal for those new to yoga who want to get a firm yoga foundation, as well as more experienced students who want to refine and supercharge their practice. Sabina will show you how to find your deepest, most stable, most easeful expressions of each pose.

“When I first started yoga, touching my toes was a pipe dream, my fingers were five inches away from the floor. And I so remember how some poses felt like torture,” recounts Sabina, who first started practising 10 years ago. “So I can really relate to the struggles of the begining student. I hope that the lessons I’ve learnt along the way might be of some help, maybe turn the torture into pleasure. Foundation is everything, and once you have that, everything is easier,” she says.

Back To Basics Workshop II

Saturday July 19th, 10:30am to 1pm

2500Rs per person

Places are limited so book your spot by emailing or call 011 2507515.

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